2017- Ranking

  1. Joonas Neva    79
  2. Riku Saressalo    69
  3. Juha Ottelin    67
  4. Joonas Mäkinen    66
  5. Pekka Koskivirta    64
  6. Vili Urpilainen    56
  7. Petri Ahola    55
  8. Leo Vuori    54
  9. Jouni Haavisto    52
  10. Aapo Tommila    51
  11. Jaakko Mikkola    50
  12. Erno Ikonen    48
  13. Matti Alanen    47
  14. Petri Pekkarinen    44
  15. Jaakko Suhonen    43
  16. Lassi Partamies    36
  17. Joona Pöppönen    20
  18. Niko Partala    9
2015-2017 Ranking (archived, current ranking above)

Tournament Rules

The latest rules package can be found here.

Tournament Victories by Faction

Tournaments held: 13

The bars present victories for each faction in relation to the amount of tournaments held. Factions that have yet to win a tournament are not included.

Space Marines
Chaos Daemons
Imperial Knights
Adeptus Mechanicus
Dark Eldar
Space Wolves
Castellans of the Imperium

The scoring includes all tournaments held by us with 8 or more participants, played according to our tournament rules packages. There is no decay, meaning that the ranking is mostly an indicator of activity. However, the players who continously do well will have the greatest point totals.

For the national ranking (with decay) that takes into account the player’s top positions only go here.

Legendary quotes

I just like to **** everything.

i.e, sharing his tournament philosophy

Put it in that hole. Not that, the other one.

Ilporogue, assembling a Land Speeder

4 inches and in at full speed!

Salaneuvos, charging with Dark Eldar

I’ll come from the front. You come from the back, through that hole there.

Runic, rounding on an Imperial Knight