I originally intended for a Warhammer 40.000 Genestealer Cults army to be my next project, but due to a FAQ change in their rules my 120+ model army quickly became unplayable in a tournament environment because of the deployment (along with the rest of the fiddling) taking way too long for games to complete. This caused me to see red (thanks GW) and lead me to the Red Path, obviously.

I took up a Khorne Daemonkin army, then. An uphill battle in the competitive scene to be sure, against the top tier lists, but thematic and World Eaters were my first Warhammer 40.000 army ever back in 1998 if you can call it that. I recall it consisted of a Predator, a squad of Berzerkers and a Dreadnought. Anyhow, then 8th Edition news dropped and it seems Khorne Daemonkin have been axed (thanks GW, also pun unintended) but I was assured the same miniatures can be used to make a functional army. We’ll see about that. The great fellas at Army Painter sponsored me with a limited edition complete War Paints set, which was absolutely great, and I used the paints for these miniatures. Can’t really miss a shade with this bad boy:




I set to completing this project in a decent tabletop standard, as I’ve found my projects tend to wither if I start blending environmental reflections into a miniatures eyeballs (you don’t say). I use Army Painter primer sprays to undercoat the models with the main color, this saves a lot of time. I then add effects and details, the basecoat, and then quickshade them with Army Painter Strong Tone. I’ve written article about this method, it can be read here.

Anyhow, I started with the grunts of the army, 20 Bloodletters of Khorne:




I will be using a lot of count as miniatures and conversions in this army, for I wanted to utilize the coolest looking figs available. Here’s a herald to lead the Bloodletters into battle. I modeled the wargear piece “Brazen Rune” for him:




The Herald is a Forgeworld model that comes with the Daemon Prince, and I converted him slightly. Next up were some Flesh Hounds, made from Chaos Warhounds. Unfortunately for the hounds currently, ones options seem to be either ridiculously pricey, or just plain bad looking. Well, the War Hounds are nothing special but they are cheap and they fill the role:




A Chaos Lord which I modeled on a Forgeworld Scimitar Pattern Jetbike of ancient design. This guy has kept it in good condition, oiling the engine with the blood of innocents to ensure it runs smoothly (over everybody);




Last but not least, some scenic shots:




I hope you enjoy. I’ll be back later with another batch as they’re finished.