The 4th Legion – Part I



With the launch of 8th edition, it seemed feasible that my favourite army of all time, Chaos Space Marines, would end up being playable once more (meaning, that the opponent doesn’t have to gimp himself in order for us to have a matched battle). I decided that for a change, I could play a more ranged focused army, having spent most of my efforts in playing melee oriented lists during the 7th edition of Warhammer 40,000. I’ve painted some Iron Warriors before, and decided that they shall be the legion I’ll start putting together. Vallejo sponsored my project with their Game Color package, including most of the paints in the line, and a few brushes:

You can check out the Vallejo Facebook page here.

I set to completing this project in a decent tabletop standard, as I’ve found my projects tend to wither if I start blending environmental reflections into a miniatures eyeballs (you don’t say). Not going all out, but also not half heartedly just putting stuff together with minimum effort either. I’d used Vallejos Model Color line before, and found them great. Game Color is no different in that regard, and seemingly better for the job of painting miniatures as it’s advertised as being more durable and with heavier pigments. I was genuinely surprised that the brushes, while being consumer level, were actually quite decent.

Anyhow, I decided to start my army off with some Khorne Berzerkers, a promising point efficient unit in the new CSM arsenal. I combined some Horus Heresy World Eaters bitz with the basic 40K CSM ones to create these fellas. The yellows I do with an airbrush ontop of a metallic undercoat, as painting yellow is always a pain. Alternatively, I paint the yellow bitz separately and glue them on later.



Next up I decided to  get a Dark Apostle, as this guy gives the Berzerkers re-rolls to hit and a helps out with Morale, and comes quite cheap:



Looking lively. Somehow it was difficult to get the Dark Apostle looking super awesome with just a metallic theme (would’ve been easy with say, red and highlights) but whadevs, that’ll do. Basically the method I paint these guys with involves some black and brown washes, chinks done with silver. I also give them a light silver drybrush after the washes, and then some highlights. As a final touch I used Vallejo Light Rust watered down to lightly dab in the recesses, this creates a look of dirt or rust (best visible around the Berzerkers kneepads and top of the bannerbearers backpack in the above photo. Ofcourse, the lads need something to get them across the field:



Again I used Vallejo Light Rust with an airbrush to create the rusty and dirty gradient transition going downwards. Chinks I painted by hand just like with the marines, and highlighted the whole thing. I used the GW water transfers as I find the new sheet is actually quite good, with the transfers cut to shape. Here’s the whole bunch together:



I hope you enjoy. I’ll be back later with another batch as they’re finished.