> Last known report of Commissar Ripley, penal world Ferroxian <

278 hours ago

[Cell Block 73 has had rumours of suspicious activity and disappearings in increasing amounts for many months now. Despite our best efforts we have been unable to discover the source of these events. Last week a team of security personnel vanished, and our search party only found signs of corrosion on the spot we lost the teams signal. The warden has been acting suspiciously, and I have reason to believe he should be interrogated sooner rather than later.]

Genestealer Cult Project

*cue background music*

Since the Genestealer Cults army launched I was harbouring the idea of playing a force of them, like a proper cultist harbours a malevolent scheme.

The high model count and pricing put me off for a while, but after thinking about ways to work around those while maintaining a certain theme I came up with an idea of an industrial penal world where stuff has gone very, very wrong. Aliens 3 like.




The great folks at Army Painter sent me the brand new Limited Edition Complete Warpaints Set to test out, and by then I was determined now is the time to make the GSC army a reality. This beast includes 124 different paints (including some washes and effects) and is basically everything one could ever need, and I will be painting the whole force with these. Due to the high number of fellas in the army, I will also be using the quickshade method, which I find is simply the best “time spent/results” -ratio method achievable when painting miniatures. I have already created a guide regarding this using the Army Painter Quickshade.

I looked at some potential options for converting the Cult Acolytes since the force will include a lot of them, and they cost 1$ per ingame point, which is quite a lot. To work around this I went for Khorne Bloodreavers from Age of Sigmar, and used those to create my enslaved prisoner cultists of planet Ferroxian. They come with the matching 32mm bases that the acolytes have, and are similiar in size.





I bought a few boxes of the actual acolyte/metamorph models to use for kitbashing. To my pleasant surprise I found that converting the Bloodreavers will be a piece of cake. One only needs to bend the acolytes “double arms” slightly from the centre, and they fit on the Bloodreaver torsos almost perfectly. Due to the bulk of the ‘reavers, the metamorph heads also fit their bodies quite nicely. I added a mix of different heads to display different levels of mutation and effects of the cult. This way I got some to-be-tattooed and scarred prisoners ready to rampage in the name of the Great Devourer. Some greenstuff for the gaps and some filing down of the puny Chaos symbols and they were all done in around a week. The Hybrid Metamorphs I’m making with the actual models, so my opponents can easily see who’s an acolyte and who’s a metamorph on the table.

For the neophytes, which I will be playing without any special equipment I just went for Chaos Cultists. These guys are way cheaper than the actual models, but with some filing down and conversions they symbolize the lesser cult well. The neophytes are armed close combat weapons, pistols and autoguns, which the Chaos Cultist models sport in varying amounts. With the use of these alternative models the cost of the army was brought to reasonable levels, while maintaining the ability to play a powerful MSU build.

I’ve already completed some Metamorphs. For the colourscheme I went for the classic one you often see on Genestealers; purple and blue.




I undercoated the models with AP Ultramarine Blue -spray, after which I used some airbrush flow improver to hack the AP Toxic Boils so that it’s usable in an airbrush. I then sprayed the heads, arms and legs with it and masked the overspray by hand afterwards. This way I had the 2 main colours in place fast, and with ease. For the padding I picked a light grey, keeping in mind that the colours need to work with the quickshade. More on that in my guide which I linked above.

Purple and dipping products might not necessarily agree right off the bat. To make sure the purple skin looks good, I gave it a Purple Tone wash to define shading of similiar colour. I applied just a very thin layer of quickshade on the heads to avoid the colour from being distorted by the dark brown glaze.

I must say I was very satisfied with the new warpaints. It might just be subjective, but I got the impression that there was a clear blanket improvement in the paints pigment and consistency, and they caused me no trouble at all. The metallics, as I have mentioned before, are better than on any other manufacturer that I’ve personally tried. For the gunmetal for example, I just needed a single pass, and the paint isn’t gooey/stiff like metallics occasionally tend to be right out of the bottle. I’m hoping as the project moves forward I get to play with the new effect paints aswell.

Stay tuned for the schemes will flourish, plans will bear fruit and the evolution revolution will continue in the near future.