Rolling some dice in the frozen north.

Nemesis Wargaming was founded in 2015 to enrich the hobby of wargaming in the cities of Jyväskylä and Lahti. All of the founders have a strong and long background in the hobby. We wanted to uphold and support the communitys way of spending time with like-minded generals and xenos overlords while battling down to the last man in a future where there is only war.


Want to host your own NWG tournament?

Currently NWG 40K tournaments are  held in 3 different cities in Finland. If you would like to host a tournament of your own, all that is required is to use the NWG rules set, and abide by our tournament guidelines. Contact us via email or at the national forum (‘vasara) for details. The results of a tournament that was held in accordance to the above are recorded in our ranking list, and assistance is provided on a “when possible” basis.

Our rules package is compact, easy to use, and the #1 goal is to even out the field and eliminate completely gamebreaking issues with minimal intervention to the core rules of Warhammer 40,000.



Our mission is simple.

Growing and upholding the scene of tabletop wargaming in Finland and providing content for everyone around the world to read. We create high quality events to all sorts of players with the purpose of creating both memorable and epic bouts to remember. Enjoy your stay and be sure to browse through our site – “for those who stand still too long in the arid cold will be left to stand for all eternity…”